Ann De Bode was born in Congo on August 28th in 1956
In 1959, Ann moved with her parents and brother to Berchem near Antwerp
In 1964 Ann wrote her very first book. At that time, her teachers already noticed and encouraged her talent for drawing.

After secondary school, she obtained a degree in Publicity at the Sint-Maria Institute in Antwerp, one year later Ann started teaching at that school. She also worked for some advertising agencies in Antwerp.

She is married and has 3 children.
Her youngest child being a heart patient, Ann quit her 2 jobs. That’s how she started illustrating books at home. In the meantime she has illustrated almost 200 books.
Ann has worked for almost all Flemisch publishing companies and for some of the most important Dutch publishing houses. She illustrates books for children between 2 and 14 years old.

1997 : Prix Chronos-Pro Senectute - Suisse
"Opa kommt nicht wieder" Hartenboeken

In 2003 Ann received the public award Ronse 2003
and in 2005 Ann received the public award Ronse for the second time.
Ann took classes in figure drawing and portrait oil painting at the Visual Arts Academy in Mortsel.

Famous series:
"Hartenboeken", Rien Broere, Malmberg/Van In, 1995.
This series consists of ten picture books that focus on emotional themes that are important for toddlers. Hartenboeken was published in twelve languages, 300.000 copies were printed. Some of these illustrations were exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 1998. The series is now published by Cego.
"Bedoes", Lucrèce L’Ecluse, Clavis, 1996, of which ‘De duinenhond’ was granted an award by the Flanders’ children’s jury.

Now and then, Ann writes a book herself. Her first book was ‘Morgen ben ik weer beter’ (Hartenboeken) and in 2003 De Eenhoorn published ‘De Fanfare van Flierefluitegem’, completely illustrated with FIMO modelling material.
Ann also used this technique for publishing company Averbode, publishing company Lannoo and publishing company Abimo.

"De wereld van Camillo", publishing house Clavis, 1st prize from Flanders' children's jury
"De Fanfare van Flierefluitegem", publishing house De Eenhoorn, 3rd prize from Flanders' children's jury

Favourite relaxation:
visiting foreign cultures, motorbike driving, lounge music,
coffee with lots of milk, poetry, tagliatelle,
sleeping late and animals.
Favourite movie:

Amélie Poulin
Oscar en Lucinda
Favourite CD:

Emma Shaplin - Carmine Meo
Plastyc Buddha - Throwing stones in placid pools

Favourite book: Peinture et poësie - Yves Peyré - Gallimard
L’Art Brut - John Maizels - Phaidon

Favourite artists: Lucian Freud
Antonio Tapièz
José Vermeersch

gossip, waiting, cowardice, smelly feet.